In response to the overall societal emphasis on sustainability, there is an increasing demand for ESG and SDGs, sustainable development goals that take into account environmental, social, and corporate governance in investment, management, and business activities.

Companies are required to address social issues not only from the perspective of short-term activities, business performance, products, and services, but also from the perspective of medium- to long-term corporate continuity. Therefore, it is necessary to suppress not only environmental changes directly related to management, but also the direction in which society as a whole is heading.

In order to cope with changes in the external environment and ensure the survival of the company, it is necessary to continue to reform existing operations and build new businesses in order to respond to changes. An organizational structure, corporate culture, and commitment from top management are needed to promote change and create new businesses at all times.


While times are challenging for existing businesses today, opportunities abound for those companies that can keep up with the changes in the world and continue to transform themselves.

Technology is enabling SMEs to create new businesses. We support SMEs to transform their businesses and create new businesses through the use of technology.

Yusuke Arai


We provide management consulting, training for employees, and assistance in promoting DX for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Basically, we provide assistance online.


  • Mission Vision Value Purpose
  • Strategy
  • CRM Sales&Marketing
  • Change Management
  • Operation Excellence
  • Business Creation


  • BasicSkills (LogicalThinking,DesignThinking, facilitation,presentation)
  • Value Proposision
  • DX Literacy


  • Building websites and systems using no-code tools
  • Business Reforms Using the Cloud
  • Launch of DX Promotion Structure
  • Fostering a DX mindset
  • DX Human Resource Development



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